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Road Group Rides

Welcome to the Lucky Brake Group Ride Page!

Lucky Brake Bike Shop has been hosting group road rides for many years now. Group rides are a wonderful way for cyclists to meet other riders, increase fitness, ride more efficiently, and even explore new roads and routes. Each group ride has a ride leader who will have knowledge of the route, basic on bike maintenance and can instruct with proper group ride etiquette.

Group Rides out of Lucky Brake start and end at the bike shop. Rides most times will also be divided into sub-groups such as A-Group, B-Group and Recreational Group.

Bike Rides 

Times and Days

Group rides at Lucky Brake take place twice a week.

Wednesday nights – 6pm roll-out, usually back by 7:30pm at the latest.

Saturday Mornings – 8:00am roll-out, usually back by 10:00am at the latest.

Wednesday night Group Rides will always have “adult” beverages provided after the rides. Often times we may even have a food truck there as well!

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A Group- This group is made up of experienced cyclists with high levels of fitness who enjoy pushing themselves and each other to ride at high intensity levels. A-Group riders are comfortable riding in large groups, taking turns “pulling” on the front of the group to help the group go faster as a collective. Communication is key so A-Group riders should have a mastery of calling out cars, road imperfections, and other cycling terminology so everyone is on the same page. Most A-Group rides have an ending average speed of 22-24 mph which normally translates to an average 20mph solo effort. A-Group rides are “drop rides” meaning if you cannot keep up with the group as a whole, the group will not wait for you. Often times A-Group will also have members who ride an (A-) – Group who will slowly drop off and ride back together if the front of the group gets too fast for them. This will be discussed by the group before the ride so riders planning on dropping back after a while can ride together.

B-Group- This group is made up of riders of all experience levels who ride at a common moderate pace. Just like A-Group, communication is key so riders must have some experience in proper group ride etiquette and terminology while riding. B-Group is a “no-drop” ride meaning if a rider has a mechanical issue or needs to slow down the ride leader (most times) or others in the group will not leave that rider alone. B-Group has an average ending speed of 16-18mph. A-Group and B-Group will always ride the same route so often times riders who get dropped from A-Group will be able to wait a few minutes for B-Group if they desire to ride in with another group.

Recreational Group- If you are a new road rider or enjoy a more casual paced ride to enjoy the scenery then this ride is for you! Rec Group is a no-drop riding group that focuses on the basics of road riding at a pace that is conversational for most in a fun-first environment. Rec Group will usually finish with an ending average speed around 13mph. Many of our group riders start out in Rec Group and then advance into B and A group as fitness and experience increases over time. Riders will learn etiquette of riding in a group, hand signals, drafting and basic repair. We have the world’s best ride leader – Victoria who always shows up ready to ride and have fun. You’ll see her in a Lucky Brake kit with music playing through a speaker for the rides (when safe to do so).


As stated above, A and B Group always ride the same route but at different pace levels. Wednesday night rides are usually between 22 and 27 miles and are based on seasonal lighting conditions. Rec Group will ride a slightly shorter route that progresses as the season moves along. Beginning of season routes are usually 15 miles long and ending season routes are around 20-22.

On Saturday morning Group Rides, route length will be around 30-35 miles for A & B Group and 25-28 miles for Rec Group. Routes will be posted in a google drive folder before the beginning of the Group Ride season for everyone to access.

Rider Responsibilities

All riders are responsible for ensuring their bicycles are in safe, mechanically sound working condition. If you are unsure if your bicycle meets these requirements, please bring it in to Lucky Brake Bike Shop and a service technician can do an inspection on the spot to inform you what if anything needs to be changed / serviced.

All riders are REQUIRED to wear a helmet.

All riders must have their own hydration on the bike.

All riders must carry a spare tube with CO2 or pump to repair their bicycles. If you are unsure how to do this, ask a ride leader or attend a pre-season group ride meeting (preferred) where a flat fix class will occur.

E-Bikes are allowed so long as they are pedal assisted E-Bikes. Throttle controlled E-Bikes can be ridden as long as throttle is not used. Gas powered bikes are not allowed.

Arrive on time, ready to ride at the designated times. We will not wait for you if you’re running late.

Have Fun!

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